The average selling price of commercial property in this area is R22000/sqm, making Wale Street Chambers 20% cheaper than similar offerings. The show unit is selling for slightly more due to the space already being completely fitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

33 Church Street, Cape Town.

Klarey Property Group who have over 80 years’ experience between the directors. Their recent projects include The Harri, which are 48 high-end apartments, offices and retail space as well as 20 eco-camping lodges in the wine-growing region of Alenquer, Portugal.

W Design with over 40 years’ experience in the team.

Click on Contact Us to complete the contact form. We will contact you and send an OTP. A fee of R5 000 will reserve your office for a period of seven days while the sales agreement is being finalised.

It depends on the bank you use for finance. We only require a 10% deposit to secure your sectional title office. This will be included in your offer to purchase.

Yes, at an additional cost of R150 000 per bay, limited to two bays per office.

Additionally, you can rent more bays if need be from the body corporate. There is also alternative parking 200m away in the old Christian Barnard hospital, where bays can be rented from R1 200/bay per month. Each staff member will have a parking bay in your company.

  • 7% yield monthly plus capital appreciation.
  • Capital growth in an area like the CBD has seen an average of approximately 6.5% per annum.
  • Rental returns between 7 and 9%.
  • Annual return of between 13 and 15%.

We will put you in contact with brokers at Nedbank, Investec, FNB and ABSA. If you need our assistance in this regard, please let us know and we can assist with this.

  • Three lifts provide ample access.
  • The lifts are on a back-up power supply during load shedding.

These units come with a backup UPS that powers the lights and WIFI.

Rates are approximately R10/sqm and levies are R28/sqm. Therefore, you will have a rates and taxes bill each month of around R38/sqm.

Yes - one month before transfer.

10% of your purchase price divided by 12 months ex VAT plus rates and levies

This depends on if you want a “grey box” or a “white box”. A white box is a turnkey and only requires you to move your furniture in. Fibre has been installed and is ready for you to start working immediately. A grey box allows you to personalise your lighting and flooring with a contribution from Klarey Property Group towards tailoring your space to a certain degree.

Limited offer

Offices in Cape Town’s CBD are selling on average for R22 000/m². Buy now into Wale Street Chambers and receive a 20% discount on the current market prices. Limited availability!

Sale Price List

7th Floor

Unit 1

R2 899 995 ex VAT

Size: 149 m2 | Cost per m2: R19,463 ex VAT
Option to purchase up to two parking bays at R150 000 per bay (ex VAT)

Unit 2

R1 999 995 ex VAT

Size: 112 m2 | Cost per m2: R17,857 ex VAT
Option to purchase up to two parking bays at R150 000 per bay (ex VAT)

Unit 3

R2 449 995 ex VAT

Size: 142 m2 | Cost per m2: R17,253 ex VAT
Option to purchase up to two parking bays at R150 000 per bay (ex VAT)

Rental Schedule

Floor Unit Size Rental Parking Available
4th 1 46 R11 475 Yes
4th 2 46 R11 475 Yes
4th 3 46 R11 475 Yes
4th 4 46 R11 475 Yes
4th 5 46 R11 475 Yes
4th 6 46 R11 475 Yes
4th 7 60 R15 000 Yes
4th 8 44 R11 475 Yes
6th 1 65 R14 300 Yes
6th 2 51 Let
6th 3 35 Let
6th 4 35 Let
6th 5 68 Let
6th 6 45 Let
6th 7 63 Let
6th 8 42 R9 240 Yes
7th 1 149 R37 250 Yes
7th 2 37 R9 250 Yes
7th 3 74 R18 500 Yes
7th 4 142 R35 500 Yes

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